Gainesville: 43rd Street Deli

I know what you are thinking… Gainesville, Florida is not on the Gulf Coast.

Occasionally the Minivan veers away from our usual stomping grounds to explore other nearby locales. Last week, we made a stop in Gainesville on our way to Orlando.

Gainesville is the home of the University of Florida. This college town is one of the hottest places I’ve ever been, especially within the confines of The Swamp, the nickname for the Florida Gators football stadium. Gainesville is also one of the prettiest inland cities in the state. Its lush green trees and plants made for pleasant scenery as I drove through the area.

On Sunday, we enjoyed brunch at a family favorite in Northwest Gainesville, the 43rd Street Deli. This popular breakfast spot draws a crowd so plan to arrive early or be prepared to wait if necessary. The wait is always worth it. The all-breakfast Sunday menu offers several good options, including seven-grain vegan pancakes, sweet potato pancakes and this beautiful strawberry, coconut and cream cheese-topped waffle. The waffle is typically served with eggs, but I opted for the home fries, and I chose bacon instead of sausage.


If you like eggs, there are omelets. (I don’t, so there is not much I can say about them but I’ve never heard any complaints). The 43rd Street Deli menu also lists several scrambles, which are combinations of ingredients scrambled together and served in a small skillet. Scrambles include such ingredients as spinach and mushrooms. The one I hope to try on our next visit features black beans and veggies.



The kids menu is fairly simple. Mickey Mouse Pancakes are the only dish my kids have tried. Served with a sprinkling of chocolate chips and whipped cream on the side, Mickey never disappoints. In our experience, neither does the 43rd Street Deli.



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