Stitch Fix Review -November 2016

The 2016 presidential election is enough to drive anyone to therapy. I’m providing some — of the retail variety — on this Election Day with my latest Stitch Fix review.

(If Stitch Fix is new to you, I’ll provide more information at the end of this post to explain the personal styling subscription service.) Many of you reading this know the drill, so I’ll jump right into telling you about the first Fix I’ve received when I kept the whole box!

I had a new stylist (new to me, at least) named Jan selecting the items in my Fix this month. Jan wrote a very thoughtful note and even talked about my blog and Pinterest board. I appreciated that personal touch, and the items she selected were just what I was looking for to get my wardrobe ready for fall. I asked for items that I could dress up or down, allowing me to be comfortable in a professional meeting or at my daughters’ many sporting events. And Jan really delivered! Here’s what she sent, my review of the items, and – just for fun – my Election Day take on each piece. Feel free to pin any of the items that you like.

Loveappella Hansil Lace Detail Knit Top



I love the color of this top! It’s bright red and made of soft knit. I’d asked for comfortable, casual tops, and this fits the bill. The lace detail on the shoulder area really dresses it up, too. It is a little thinner than I would like, so I will wear this with a tank or camisole underneath to give it a little more shape. Election Day take: Whether you live in a Red State or just love the red, white and blue, this easygoing top is a winner!

Yosi Samra Samantha Cap Top Ballet Flats


I first saw Yosi Samra flats on Pinterest and wanted to try them. They looked comfortable and stylish at the same time. Jan included the cap toe style in my Fix, and she mentioned that they fold up easily for stashing in your purse. These would have been nice to have when I worked in a larger city and had to park and walk a few blocks to my office every day.  They work well for me now because I can look professional for work commitments and easily transition to mom duties in comfort. I’ve found that it helps to wear the no-show socks made specifically for this style of shoe. I picked up a few pairs at Target for about $4 each. Election Day take: Standing in line while waiting to vote? You’ll wish you had these babies.

Pixley Nardian V-Neck Blouse


This top features a bright, cheerful floral print. The base color is navy blue, and I will wear this underneath a navy blue cardigan I received in a previous Fix. I didn’t really care for this as a stand alone top, but you could certainly wear it that way, too. It’s perfect for fall in Florida because it makes a good layering piece.  Election Day take: Pants Suit Nation, this top is for you! It looks great with a suit.

Pixley Ellie Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse


For me, this top is what those in Stitch Fix circles affectionately refer to as a unicorn. I’d seen it on Pinterest for months and months and wanted to own it. After pinning it a few times on my Pinterest board to no avail, I decided to specifically ask for it this month in my note to my stylist, and what do you know? It’s mine. (Lesson learned: If you really want a specific piece, just ask for it.) The Ellie top does feature an elephant print. It is a classic style, and the black and creamy white pair well with black pants or jeans. This weekend I wore it to church. I added a deep red, beaded statement necklace to add a splash of color. Election Day take: Sorry, Dems, I haven’t seen any tops with donkeys on them, but if you are into the elephant as a G.O.P. symbol, this top is for you.

Renee C Alby Keyhole Front Blouse


This blouse was a good choice for me because of the relaxed style. It has a bohemian feel, and the red, blue, yellow, green and black and white in this top go well with jeans. I ended up selling this top in one of the Stitch Fix buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook (There is a whole community of ladies who love Stitch Fix like I do – something I learned after signing up for the service). I didn’t dislike it. It just didn’t fit me as well as the other tops in this Fix. It has a new home with someone who will look fabulous in it, I’m sure.  Election Day take: The pattern of this top reminds me of a patchwork, much like our great nation. Despite our differences, we all have to work together like the colors and patterns in this blouse. So tomorrow, no matter the results of the election, remember the blouse, folks! (Yes, I know how corny I am.)

The Results Are In

Although I didn’t personally keep one of the items, I purchased all five pieces in this Fix. That means I received a 25% discount on the purchase resulting in a savings of $75. With the discount and the $20 credit from my styling fee, I paid just over $200. If all of the items in your Fix work well for you, purchasing all five is definitely the way to get the most value out of the Stitch Fix service.

Jan, you get my vote for stylist-in-chief! Thanks for a great Fix and God Bless America!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What has your experience been? Leave me a comment or a link to your blog. If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet, I would recommend visiting the website or downloading the Stitch Fix iPhone app and completing the Style Profile. It’s fun to see how the process works, whether you order a Fix right away or not. There is no fee to join. You pay a $20 styling fee when you order a Fix (It is applied to any purchase you make from that Fix). You’ll receive a box of 5 items, handpicked for you, plus photos and suggestions of how to style them with other pieces.  You’ll have three days to try them on and decide what you want to keep or send back. A return envelope is provided with postage included, so returns can easily be placed in any mailbox. The shipping and returns are free and very easy, and you can cancel Stitch Fix at any time.

Stitch Fix does not compensate me for reviewing their service. Like all Stitch Fix customers, I can receive a referral credit if someone joins using a link that I provide. If you do join Stitch Fix by following a link in this blog, thank you and I hope you enjoy your first Fix! Let me know how it goes.

If you’d like to see another recent Fix I received, here is my Stitch Fix review from September. It includes a few more photos of the clothes. Also, several bloggers have linked up their Stitch Fix review blog posts on the blog Crazy Together. Check them out for even more ideas and inspiration for your future Fixes!